VidCurator FX Review – Incredible Plugin To Create High Quality Videos Using Just A Keyword, Create Tons Of Attention Reaching, Traffic Receiving Videos At The Push Of A Button

VidCurator FX – Incredible Plugin To Create High Quality Videos Using Just A Keyword, Create Tons Of Attention Reaching, Traffic Receiving Videos At The Push Of A Button

VidCurator FX is the best machine to create high quality videos using only a keyword, create tons of attention grabbing, traffic-getting videos at the push of a button. VidCuratorFX created by Abhi Dwivedi and Ben Murray. This application is extremely impressive, it will provide multiple images and videos snips is truly a lifesaver. The ability to bulk create videos and upload them although the app is also going to be an amazing time saver. With VidCuratorFX you can push your sales and sell the video clips as its own to prospect or integrate the video service into the tool you already sell. This app looks fantastic for putting videos, images and captions together quickly and then sharing like a professional, it also work on your mobile device. Every video that you create with this machine proven to rank on Google and YouTube bringing in tons of traffic, leads and sales.

You already know how significant video is to attend with the competition, to stand out from the pack, to reach page one of Google, to get trust, to invite your audience and to tap into mountains of free traffic waiting for you on YouTube. Cheat your way to endless free video traffic with this breakthrough push button video creation software, forget blowing $1200 on complex video editing tools, forget spending $29 every month for animation tools that take you weeks to master, forget paying freelancers $50, $75 or even $150 each video and forget being creative. Stop slaving over your videos, melee with high-price tools, paying for templates memberships per month or hiring freelancers to help you out. Now you can make thousands of niche videos in seconds with real push button simplicity.

Here’s benefits using VidCurator FX:

  • 1. Easiest and fastest way to create video. All you need to do is insert a keyword and VidCuratorFX will find video clips and images from Instagram, Google Images, Flickr, PixaBay and Vine with proper rights and create an amazing video for you in minutes.
  • 2. You don’t need to be creative. Hate thinking of a video script or storyline or editing templates? Worry not, because with VidCuratorFX the software does all the work with no need to push your creative boundaries.
  • 3. Create 100s of videos with one click. Want to create hundreds or even thousands of videos with no spending weeks or months? Simply enter the number of videos you need to make and VidCuratorFX will make all the videos for you on complete autopilot.
  • 4. No restrictions and easy to master. No monthly fee, no watermarks, no limited rights to create tons of videos with 100% control and full rights on the videos created.

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VidCurator FX – Incredible Plugin To Create High Quality Videos Using Just A Keyword, Create Tons Of Attention Reaching, Traffic Receiving Videos At The Push Of A Button

Create traffic-getting videos in just 3 simple steps like enter a keyword, choose whether to create a single video or multiple videos all at once then hit ‘go’, make it shine and publish. VidCuratorFX will automatically creates a themed slideshow-type video based around the keyword you provide. It automatically finds high quality images and video clips from across the web or you can import your own images and video clips too.

Finally you can customize all the items that appear in your video without any learning curves or technical skills. Simply capable add text, colors, links, watermarks, music, intro and outro slides, voice overs, transition effects and even add many more animations. When ready, hit the upload button to publish it on YouTube and Vimeo or save it on your computer.

These super features packed with VidCurator FX:
1. Create videos from one keyword. Only drop in a keyword you need to get traffic for and VidCuratorFX will automatically make a themed slideshow kind video based around that keyword. It will automatically find video clips and images online for you and curate those video clips and images into your video.
2. Automatically create 100s of videos with 1 click. Choose 1 or 100 videos to make at the press of a button. Video Curator Pro creates endless varieties of your video with spun titles and descriptions to master all kinds of keywords in YouTube and Google.
3. Add transitions, image effects and filters. Make your videos interesting and more engaging by using in-built transitions and effects are applied seamlessly.
4. Add intro and outro slides. Put your branding to work in each video by setup custom intros and outros for each video you make. Gets you that top production glitz that you see in big-budget videos.
5. Fully customize the videos. Add intro and outro slides, transitions, image effects and filters and really make your videos get people by the eyeballs.
6. Add your own music, record voice over or pick from our library of music to provide your videos the professional shine they deserve and hold people engaged from start to finish.
7. Automatically upload to YouTube and Vimeo. No need to download and store huge videos on your personal computer and manually upload them later. You can now upload straight to the major video sharing websites right from your dashboard.
8. Spin title and description when upload a lot of videos. Absolutely dominate any niche with automatically spun titles and descriptions for every video uploaded. Makes every video special in the eyes of the search engines.
9. Completely automatic, 100% control. Only set it up and it will mix out videos one after another without you having to stare or monitor at progress bars. You can also change absolutely anything you want at any point of time.

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VidCurator FX – Incredible Plugin To Create High Quality Videos Using Just A Keyword, Create Tons Of Attention Reaching, Traffic Receiving Videos At The Push Of A Button

“Creating a video using just a keyword is amazing! VidCuratorFX is fresh new take on creating videos for people who don’t have either enough time or creativity. Ability to create a video, edit it and upload it all together and with proper automation is great. If you’re looking to speed up your video creation and to start using videos in your marketing, VidCuratorFX is for you. I highly recommend this.” – Neil Napier

“VidCuratorFX takes a fresh take on creating videos, making it easier for marketers to quickly curate and create videos from just a keyword. I think this will be a great tool to help marketers publish more videos faster and leverage that to get more traffic.” – Andrew Darius

“I really love this app! VidCuratorFX is powerful yet easy to use video creation tool. I can create 100s of videos using just keywords and on 100% autopilot! It automatically uploads them with unique titles and descriptions which is pretty amazing. It’s possibly the easiest way to dominate a niche. Imagine using this to create videos and publishing them on Facebook! I highly recommend this app, especialy at this insanely low price.” – Cyril Gupta

VidCurator FX is the great application that will save your time in downloading videos or images to computer and then editing, it’s a simple way to curate and add multiple items together. VidCuratorFX features far surpasses that capability and create a movie like most movie makers, when you have little clips here and there and images all from the same event and need to put them all together this app blows you away at how simple it is. Love also that you can then instantly share your video movie collage with social media in the professional version.

You will see how VidCuratorFX can help a marketer dominate various keywords and niches. Wave goodbye to ‘stone age’ video marketing with no more complex and costly video editing software, no more scrubbing the web for images, clips and other content for every video you create, no more employing video professional to assemble, animate and render your videos for you. It’s pretty obvious video creation doesn’t get easier or faster than this. So get VidCurator FX right now.